Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more NOTD

I'm on a roll with changing my nail polish colors! :P 

2 coats Essie Marshmallow + 2 coats China Glaze White Cap

Later +1 coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie on the ring finger... for kicks. Don't really like how it turned out but, meh, I'll probably change my nails in two days anyways :)

I can still see my VNL - visible nail line - with this mani, not sure if I'm in love with that, but I do rather like White Cap. And yes, I bought Marshmallow specifically to layer under sheerer colors (like White Cap). Seems like Marshmallow would be best for a french mani (if you like your nail color to be more of a white versus pink) or for layering - even with two coats, it was pretty sheer, even sort of streaky (but hey, it's a white).

2 coats Essie Merino Cool + 2 coats Nubar 2010 on the ring finger

With flash to show how pretty Nubar 2010 is - though I'm sure everyone and their mama has 2010.

Top pic is a true-to-color representation of Merino Cool (I color corrected it just so).

Talk about contrasting hands - again, not sure if I love this mani (especially the addition of Nail Junkie - gah!), but I like the two hands separately.

Oh, and I managed to spill my 2010 on my Adidas pants and the carpet.. and it got on my hands. I have craft herpes (glitter) everywhere! Aaaahhh!

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