Thursday, March 3, 2011

Essie Turquoise & Caicos - Nubar 2010

Looks like I'm slowly turning into a nail blog... whoops. Blame my absurdly large (IMO) collection. It has slowly but surely exploded.

I'm sure you can figure out what's what :P

3 coats T&C (2 coats still had VNL)
+ 2 coats 2010 on the ring finger - can't get enough of this color!

Top pic is a more accurate representation of T&C

and if you're wondering why I alreadyyy changed my polish color, it's bc... White Cap peeled off! I think it was having so many layers on.. and.. maybe my base coat? No idea. Either way, I figured it was a perfect excuse to start over again (: not reaaaaally loving how red and crabby my hand looks with green polishes (especially lighter ones) but I'm really into creme bases + 2010.

random fact: found out Merino Cool is the exact color of my bra. Not that I'm planning on doing a boudior session anytime soon but, hey, if I ever did - and if I chose to wear this bra - I'd know exactly what polish to paint my nails :P har har har.

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  1. Har Har Har....bra matching nails!!

    This color is positively VIBRANT on you. I like it alot.

  2. LOL you crack me up with your random fact! I think it looks great on you! But then again, I'm biased since I love green polishes. Imperial and Giang have turned us all into nail polish junkies! hehe

  3. ahhh! that essie turquoise nail polish has been haunting me... i've been wanting to get it and i keep seeing it on different blogs. -_-

  4. Uhmmm, i'm pretty sure you're overdue for a NEW blog post, lady!!! hhaha!!! re: your comment - short comments are fine, as long as they make sense! i've had people comment before asking me for the recipe "i used" on something i clearly didn't make. haha!

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