Thursday, March 3, 2011

Essie Turquoise & Caicos - Nubar 2010

Looks like I'm slowly turning into a nail blog... whoops. Blame my absurdly large (IMO) collection. It has slowly but surely exploded.

I'm sure you can figure out what's what :P

3 coats T&C (2 coats still had VNL)
+ 2 coats 2010 on the ring finger - can't get enough of this color!

Top pic is a more accurate representation of T&C

and if you're wondering why I alreadyyy changed my polish color, it's bc... White Cap peeled off! I think it was having so many layers on.. and.. maybe my base coat? No idea. Either way, I figured it was a perfect excuse to start over again (: not reaaaaally loving how red and crabby my hand looks with green polishes (especially lighter ones) but I'm really into creme bases + 2010.

random fact: found out Merino Cool is the exact color of my bra. Not that I'm planning on doing a boudior session anytime soon but, hey, if I ever did - and if I chose to wear this bra - I'd know exactly what polish to paint my nails :P har har har.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more NOTD

I'm on a roll with changing my nail polish colors! :P 

2 coats Essie Marshmallow + 2 coats China Glaze White Cap

Later +1 coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie on the ring finger... for kicks. Don't really like how it turned out but, meh, I'll probably change my nails in two days anyways :)

I can still see my VNL - visible nail line - with this mani, not sure if I'm in love with that, but I do rather like White Cap. And yes, I bought Marshmallow specifically to layer under sheerer colors (like White Cap). Seems like Marshmallow would be best for a french mani (if you like your nail color to be more of a white versus pink) or for layering - even with two coats, it was pretty sheer, even sort of streaky (but hey, it's a white).

2 coats Essie Merino Cool + 2 coats Nubar 2010 on the ring finger

With flash to show how pretty Nubar 2010 is - though I'm sure everyone and their mama has 2010.

Top pic is a true-to-color representation of Merino Cool (I color corrected it just so).

Talk about contrasting hands - again, not sure if I love this mani (especially the addition of Nail Junkie - gah!), but I like the two hands separately.

Oh, and I managed to spill my 2010 on my Adidas pants and the carpet.. and it got on my hands. I have craft herpes (glitter) everywhere! Aaaahhh!

Monday, February 28, 2011


Gah, right? As if I needed any more nail polish :P but I met up with Susy and Angelique... and it happened to be at Imperial Beauty Supply... plus with all of Giang's enabling, haha! I walked away with more than I needed, but this was controlled, believe me.

 Top angle (obvs)

ChG 951 White Cap
OPI Midnight in Moscow
OPI Russian Navy
OPI Big Hair... Big Nails
Essie Marshmallow
ORLY Bonder (base coat)
ORLY Sec n' Dry (top coat)
ChG (set of minis, pastels): Something Sweet, Light as Air, Re-Fresh Mint, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Bahamian Escape.

Close-up + flash of the two inky-black-glowy (LOVE) OPI's... in stark contrast to the flashy gold and the... coral? neon? crazy? OPI next to them :P

Oh, not to mention.. I took part in Diana's Secret Valentine swap and got Jillian! THANK YOUUUU! I love love love having a second 239.. one is a designated "neutrals" brush and the other is for color, haha :) works out REALLY well. This girl really dug into my wish list - many, many thanks :D not to mention filling the box with tons of heart-shaped DOVE chocolate (TDF, so smooth). 

I sort of feel the need to go through my polishes again, though I *did* somewhat recently do a collection post... but maybe I can find dupes and blogsale those, haha :X my stash is getting a little ridiculous. But hey - here's (4) FOUURRRR NOTD's! Excuse the tip wear, I randomly decided to take pics of my nails right before I took the NP off to change to the OTHER notd.. yus.

Thumb/pinkie: OPI Tease-y does it
Pointer: Zoya Anastasia
Middle: ChG Let's Groove
Ring: Illamasqua Baptiste (top) and OPI Russian Navy on bottom (just seeing the difference in colors)

OPI Cuckoo for this color (I think?!) & ChG Rodeo Fanatic (pointer).
Colors are coming out more blue than they were (CftC is more of a green-y teal)

OPI Russian Navy & ORLY Luxe (pointer)

OPI Midnight in Moscow & ORLY Rage (pointer)


Yes, both of my hands are different colors (if you're wondering).